Who you will meet

LGC Pension Fund Symposium

Crowne Plaza, Stratford-upon-Avon
July 12- 13 2018

Why You Should Attend

Whether you are seeking to understand the current trends in the LGPS, the opportunity to network with the key players or direct insight on investment strategy from a wide range of funds, then the LGC Pension Fund Symposium is a critical event on your radar in 2018.
Don’t miss out on this essential opportunity to engage with the 48 key influencers who’ve already confirmed their attendance at the event.  These include LGPS pool and fund representatives, senior officials and independent advisers from the following organisations:

Brunel Pension Partnership  Greater London Authority 
Border to Coast Pensions Partnership  London Borough of Waltham Forest
LGPS Central Heathrow Airport Holdings
Northern Pool  Royal Mail Pension Plan
West Midlands Pension Fund Pension Fund for Members of the European Parliament 
Westminster City Council London Borough of Brent
Surrey County Council Suffolk County Council
Oxfordshire County Council South Yorkshire Pensions Authority 
Lancashire Pension Fund London Borough of Hounslow
LPFA Norfolk Pension Fund
The Cabinet Office London Borough of Ealing
The Investment Association Local Government Association
MHCLG LGPS Scheme Advisory Board
LGPS National Frameworks Lincolnshire County Council
City and County of Swansea London Borough of Southwark
Essex County Council London Borough of Tower Hamlets
Barking & Dagenham, Haringey and Waltham Forest, Merseyside and Nottinghamshire  
Attending the event will enable you to:
  • Understand current trends in the LGPS, and to meet potential clients, as well as catching up with existing clients, market contacts and friends.
  • Gain a better understanding of the issues facing local authorities at an important point in the pooling process.
  • Meet with important contacts within the local government pensions world including representatives at pool level, directors of finance, pensions officers, consultants and independent advisers.
  • Develop your future strategy through greater knowledge of the challenges faced by the LGPS community.
  • Play a part in the networking sessions to improve your contacts through one-to-one meetings and roundtable discussions. 

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